Tate By Susan May Warren

ReviewTate (The Montana Marshalls #2) was a great read. It was full of drama and the characters stood out like in Book #1 of the series.

Tate never felt he was good enough for anyone. He felt anyone that he got close to; something would happen and he did not want that to happen to Glo. He loved Glo and would protect her to the very end.

The story was very inspirational when Tate is told by family that he was loved no matter what from God. Tate begins to realize that it is important to let his guard down and be loved. Glo learns that she needs to be herself and not what others want her to be.

I received this as an ebook by the author. My review is my honest opinion.

Peril By Jordyn Redwood

I love Jordyn Redwood's Novels to this series but this one did not grab me and it took me so long to get through it.  I  think the story itself was cut up a bit and could not keep me from wandering and trying to figure out who was what, etc. Jordyn  Redwood is a great writer but Peril I just could not get into. Not enough moving suspense.

Knox The Montana Marshalls By: Susan May Warren

Knox (Montanta Marshalls) is the first book in Susan May Warren's The Montana Marshalls. The story of one of the Marshall brother's name Knox will be not only at the edge of your seat wondering what is next but the love he has for his parents and his commitment to their family ranch. There will be dangerous times but trusting in God not just in the dangerous and uncomfortable times but all the time.

I am so excited to read Book 2 in The Montana Marshalls Series when the story is about Tate, a brother of Knox, who you will also meet in Knox. 5 stars! I received this book by the author.  My review is my own honest opinion.

All Manner of Things By: Susie Finkbeiner

This book touched my heart in many ways. It was a story that many people have gone through that may keep their story inside. The author made not just one but all characters standout with their story. 

Having an absent parent can be very hard especially one that just walks away and stays away most of a child's life. Annie Jacobson and her two brothers Mike and Joel know just that. Their mother Gloria does a great job in raising them on her own. Mike enlists in the Army and tragedy strikes the whole Jacobson family including their father. They will see how God works through their lives during the good and bad times.

To me, the author left the ending where a Book 2 could await. First time reading a book by Susie Finkbeiner but I am looking forward to reading many more of hers. Great Read! I would give this book more than 5 stars if I could. 5*****

Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley

This is the first time I have read a novel from Patricia Bradley and I must admit that she kept me at the edge of my seat. I was trying to guess throughout the book who the villain was and was surprised when I found out I was wrong. I am anxious to read many more books from Patricia Bradley. This is Book 4 of her Memphis Cold Case Novels. Book was provided courtesy of Baker Publishing through Interviews and Reviews. 5*****

Poison By Jordyn Redwood

The story centers around Keelyn’s sister Raven. The story was another one that kept me on the edge of my seat. Very good. Anxious to read Book 3 “Peril”. 5 *****

Border Son By Samuel Parker

This is the first time reading a book by Samuel Parker. I was unsure if I was going to get interested in the story as it was real slow at the beginning. About 10 chapters in, which are very short chapters I did not want to put it down. I needed to know what happens next and then next and so on. My favorite character was Edward Kazmierski, the father of Tyler. He was my hero in all this along with the character Roberto Ibanez, which he grew on me.  Once this story picked up it was a page turner.

Book was provided courtesy of Baker Publishing through Interviews and Reviews. 5 stars.