It was a story of so many ups and downs. Rory had a rough life but his Joey and the three girls were his happiness. Now with the loss of Joey he has to continue being the awesome Papa to Indiana. He will do fine in time. He has the Lord. The one person we always need. Good Bless the Feek family. 5 Star!

Who I Am With You by Robin Lee Hatcher

This is a wonderful story and I loved how the author entwined the story by two storylines. I love the meal prayer Ridley gave. I loved the faith, love and the characters knowing that God would see them through. I look forward to the next book in the Legacy of Faith series.  5 Star!

Wonderful story. Karen Anna Vogel brings her characters life. I wanted to jump right in and be a character in her book. It was very heartfelt. Full of love, faith, trust and inspiration. I give this a 5 Star for sure.

Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies by Michael H.H. Warren

Herbie Hunter and the Twisted Furies - I couldn't really get into this story but I did finish the book. I felt for Herbie losing one parent and having to uproot his life and move to a new town. He becomes one of the Light Seekers, but his reasoning is to find out what is really going on in Paradise Rift. The writing is good and full of mystery but for me the story is something I could not connect with except for how sad it was how Herbie would trust someone and then they would fail him. Even though it was not for me it is well written.

A Shattered Life Restored

The story had an inspirational storyline three-quarters of the book. It then seemed to branch off into a different storyline even with the same characters. You will feel much compassion for Meg throughout the story.  A good read!

The author has a deep passion for Christ and you will see that throughout this book. 4 Star!

Christmas by the Sea

A Christmas by the Sea is a heartwarming Christmas story. A single mom inherits her family's beachfront cottage in a small town in Maine. She needs to sell the cottage and get back to her job in Ohio but God has other plans in her life and for her son too. This is a quick read and will warm your heart. Book provided courtesy of Baker Publishing through Interviews & Reviews.

Forever Faithful Trilogy Karen Kingsbury

First, 3 Books in 1! How awesome to have the full stories of the same characters along with new ones as the stories continued.

In, "Waiting for Morning", a drunk driver changes a family's life forever. Hannah, wife and mother left with hate in her heart and blaming God until she meets the prosecutor that brings her back to trusting and having faith in Christ again.

In, "A Moment of Weakness", is the story of childhood friends, Jade and Tanner, that became more serious as they get older. Tanner's mother wants to keep them apart and it works for the moment anyways.

In, "Halfway to Forever", Jade and Tanner have been apart for now 10 years but Jade needs an attorney. Tanner's partner Matt answers the phone. Tanner and Jade go through so many ups and downs but with God they trust on Him to see them through.

I read this 1124 page book in about a week. The stories make you feel like you are one of the characters in the book. I just wanted to give Ha…