Collision of Lies By Tom Threadgill

I have not read anything from this author before and I am anxious to read the next one.  This was full of suspense but very clean too.  Amara is looking for a Detective position and before long realizes that she is in a case of 3 years ago. She is bound and determine not to quit until she finds out what has happened to 13 children that were presumably dead that may just be alive. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.  A MUST Read! I received this book courtesy of Baker Publishing Group through Interviews & Reviews.  Star 5*****

Collateral Damage Lynette Eason

Reading Collateral Of Damage was an awesome read. It was full of Lynette Eason’s twist and turns.  At times it was harder to read, as I was reading the manuscript. The book was way too large for a lap. So sitting at a table all the time was hard to do after back surgery. But there was more inspirational and was an awesome read. Disclaimer: I was sent this book by Revell a publishing through Baker Publishing company and courtesy of Interviews and Reviews. I gave this book a 4*.

Protecting Tanner Hollow By Lynette Eason

I enjoyed reading this 4 Romantic Suspense Novellas by Lynette Eason. Protecting Tanner Hollow was the town that had a lot of mystery, suspense and a bit of romance.  The inspiration and faith the characters had got them through each of their stories.

I really liked how these four stories begun to tie in with the Blue Justice Series and having the St. John's family brought into the story.

Disclaimer: I received this book courtesy of Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group. My review is my honest opinion. This one is a 5 star.

Always Look Twice By: Elizabeth Goddard

This story kept the pages turning. It is full of suspense and "who done it's". It had me from the first page to the last page. Harper returns to her childhood town and does not only face the tragedy of her childhood but also while taking pictures of nature she captures a murder happening. Whoever is the murderer wants Harper dead. Heath, a friend from her childhood becomes her security in this moving and suspenseful book.  I received this book courtesy of Baker Publishing Group through Interviews & Reviews. I give this book a 5* for sure.

The Girl Behind the Red Rope By Ted Dekker & Rachelle Dekker

I was unsure how I was going to like the book, as I had never read a thriller let alone in the Christian genre. It kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a great read. A community who feared fear and eventually seen God’s light. This book is a must read. Disclaimer: I received this book through Revell. This is my own honest review opinion. I give this a 5*.

Unscripted By Davis Bunn

This book was a roller-coaster for sure. It was full of suspense that kept me locked in from the beginning to the end. It was a great read to curl-up in my easy chair. It was moving and with the suspense kept me turning the pages. I have never read anything by Davis Bunn before but I look forward to reading more.
I give this Book a 5*. Book courtesy of Revell.

Ford By Susan May Warren

I love reading Susan May Warren’s books but with Ford I found it hard to keep up with so much action. It felt a little bit all over the place but it will not stop me going onto Book 4 in the series, which is Wyatt. Disclaimer: I was given this eBook by Baker Publishing Group through Interviews and Reviews. I give this a 4 star.